20+1: photographs by Ian Tromp

Click on any of the images for an enlarged view.

I have a series of photographs on display at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre during July and August 2017.

In selecting photographs for display, I began with the elements of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. I thought of Fire as representing living things, mostly plants and trees. I intended to have five images under each heading, ‘Earth I-V’, ‘Water I-V’, etc. Later I discarded that as a strict set of categories, but the framework is still visible in the images I’ve chosen, though there is unequal representation of the elements. Instead I offer 20 photographs in simple white frames, plus one in a plain black frame.

I am interested in the momentary – the very small slices of time in which the world appears one way, just before it changes form once again. This is touched by the poignancy of all things forever passing before our eyes, irretrievable. Each of my photographs here catches a particular instant, and each changed again and became something different the moment after I took the picture. And so I believe any image, any moment, can be an entryway to reflection on life and meaning.

Most of the photographs were taken with a Sony RX-100iii camera, a couple with an iPhone 6S.

All the photographs are for sale, for £30 each in their frames, and additional copies and sizes are available. The displayed photos are (full-frame) 23cm x 23cm (9x9”) and (mounted) 13cm x 13cm (5x5”). All are available in larger or smaller versions of these dimensions for £30 each.

All are also available at (full-frame) 50cm x 50cm (20x20”) or (mounted) 30cm x 30cm (12x12”) for £55 each.

And please feel free to email me if you are interested in seeing more images or discussing buying prints in other sizes, or if you have any other queries.