BACP Senior Accredited and Registered Independent Counsellor/Psychotherapist offering sessions and supervision in Kings Heath and Moseley, Birmingham.

Why use Skype?

In my experience, meeting face-to-face is best, but there are a number of reasons why you might prefer to meet online rather than in person. It might be that you live elsewhere in the country or in the world and are interested in working with me, or you may have mobility issues that make it difficult for you to attend another venue, or perhaps you find it difficult to leave your home for other reasons. In all of these instances, online counselling using Skype may offer a way for us to meet and work together.

Skype is a free online telephone and video-calling service — both the software and the calls are free, though I charge for the counselling session, using the same sliding scale described here. You can make payment using PayPal, which is a straightforward and secure system for sending money via the internet. Payments for Skype counselling sessions must be made in advance.

Skype calls are completely confidential and encrypted, so your privacy is secure. You can read more about Skype’s security on their website here. You can read more about my own approach to privacy and confidentiality on the page titled ‘Things to know’.

If you are already familiar with Skype, you can simply email me and we can plan our first session.

If you’re new to Skype

Before we can start, you will need to download the application and install it on your computer. This is very easy to do, and you won’t need any technical knowledge — the Skype website provides detailed and easy to follow instructions.

  • For video calling you will need a webcam on your computer (many modern computers have these built-in, but you might need to buy an external one).  
  • A fast internet connection — it’s difficult to say exactly how fast, so I suggest we arrange a test call first to see if yours is fast enough.
  • You might also need a microphone and speakers, or a headset with a microphone built-in. Again, most fairly recent computers will likely work perfectly without needing an external mic, but it would be worth having one available as a backup in case it’s needed.

Once you are set up, please telephone or email me so that we can book a call and arrange payment, and I will pass on the final instructions for our online meeting.